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Dirty Drinks is your one stop recipe site for all your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. With user-friendly menus, you can do everything from planning small to large functions as well as keeping track of personal inventory and staying on top of whats hot in your local area.




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Cocktails 6,061 Recipes. This fan favourite drink comes in a wide varity of shapes, sizes and flavours. Take a moment and go through our indepth collection for a new and exciting drink!
Shooters 2,375 Recipes. Wanting to buy a round of shots but don't know what to order or are you hosting a party and want to impress your guests? Here at Dirty Drinks we felt we should list as many as we could so you have a nice selection to choose from.
Martinis 310 Recipes. An all time favourite with the ladies! Here we have listed all the different types of Martinis that will make her taste buds jump with excitement!
Beers 142 Recipes. Having an ice cold beer is great but what if you could spice it up... below is a interesting list of things you can add to make your pint that much more special!
Bubbly 131 Recipes. Welcome to the world of this refreshing bubbly drink. Here we have listed a nice selection of mixes for you to try... but beware as it may become your all time favourite!
Margaritas 98 Recipes. There is nothing better than an icy margarita on a hot summers day. We have created a list of flavours to choose from and how to make it from scratch... sit back and enjoy your refreshing blended drink!
Coffees/Teas 107 Recipes. Picture yourself back at the lodge after a long day on the ski hill... there is nothing better than a drink that warms you up from the inside out. On this page you will find that perfect mix that is both relaxing and enjoyable!
Punches 42 Recipes. Punch can be the perfect alternative for your guest from the usual wine, beer or cooler option. Here we have listed all the punches we know that can be served with or without alcohol... plan on making lots as this will be popular!
Black Leather Whip
· 1/4 oz. Triple Sec
· 1/4 oz. Orange Liqueur
· 1/4 oz. Gold Tequila
· 1/4 oz. Sweet And Sour Mix
· Splash Orange Juice

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